SpaRoom Essential Oil Diffusers

SpaRoom Essential Oil Diffusers

SpaRoom essential oil diffusers easily create a serene environment.  Whether you’re looking for fan diffusers, nebulizers, plug-in diffusers, or an ultrasonic mister, you’ll find just what you need for your home, office or on the go.

What Is A Diffuser

In order to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of essential oils, the best way is to diffuse the oils into the air.  The diffuser device has a reservoir that holds water, you place 4 – 6 drops of essential oil into the water.  Turn on the diffuser and as the water heats a gentle mist is emitted from the top of the diffuser emitting the luscious essential oils into the air.

What Is A Fan Diffuser

A fan diffuser does not use water.  It is portable and is powered by either batteries or a USB cord.  Essential oils are applied to an internal diffuser pad and the fragrance is forced into the room via an internal fan.