Aroma Pen® Essential Oil Diffuser

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Aroma Pen Essential Oil Diffuser

NOTE:  Does Not include oil.

The convenience of an Aroma Pen Diffuser provides you an opportunity to enjoy essential oils when you're on the go.  Whether writing a letter, taking a exam, working a puzzle, or whatever you may be doing you can achieve the therapeutic benefits of  essential oils.

Contents:  The pen comes with a total of 7 refilll rods.  One in the pen and 6 more refill rods. You can easily change to a different oil to diffuse, depending on your mood.

Doubling as a pen, this AromaPen diffuser releases the oils into the air. Simply unscrew the cap of the pen, remove the rod and add a few drops of essential oil of your choice then reinsert the rod into the pen and screw the top back onto the pen.  

How to Use:

  1. Unscrew the lid from the top of the pen
  2. Remove wick from inside the pen and apply desired amount off essential oil
  3. Put the wick back inside the pen and twist on the lid (Do not over tighten the lid)
Color of Pen:  Will vary according to inventory

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