Blank Nasal Inhalers - Set of 4

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Blank Nasal Inhalers

Each inhaler has 4 parts  - outer cover, inner sleeve, cotton wick, and  end cap. 

Set of:  4

Set of 4 - same color.

Multi Colors - 4 different colors of our choice.

What Are These Used For?

Easy on-the-go way to take your essential oil fragrance  with you.  If working a deadline and need to stay focused – use you Focusing essential oil in the inhaler.  Need to stay calm – use your Calming / Relaxing essential oil in the inhaler.  Stuffy nose – use your essential oil to clear your nasal passage.  You determine the need and use the specific essential oil in your inhaler.

How Are These Used?

Apply essential oil to the cotton wick.  Place the wick into the inner sleeve and attach the end cap.  You can apply the essential to the cotton wick while holding the wick in your hand, but in order to thoroughly soak the wick, place wick into a glass container ( that will NOT be used for food ) with about 15 drops of oil, and allow the wick to soak up the oil.  Don’t allow the wick to get so saturated that oil is dripping off the wick. 

How Long Does The Inhaler Last After Oil Is Placed On The Wick?

Actually depends on the essential oil or blend being used.  With 15 drops of oil on the wick, it should last between 3 – 5 months or maybe longer.