Blank Nasal Inhalers


Blank Nasal  Inhalers

NOTE:  Blank Inhalers do NOT come with an oil.

Why Use A Nasal Inhaler for Aromatherapy

Nasal inhalers are good a good way to reap the benefits of therapeutic grade essential oils directly into the body.  An inhaler is more convenient for when you need to clear your nasal passage to make breathing easier or need a little pick me up after a stressful moment.

If working a deadline and need to stay focused – use you Focus essential oil in the inhaler.  Need to stay calm – use your Calming / Relaxing essential oil in the inhaler.  Stuffy nose – use your peppermint essential oil to clear your nasal passage.  You determine the need and use the specific essential oil in your inhaler.

Each inhaler has 4 parts - outer cover, inner sleeve, cotton wick and end cap.