Car Diffusers

Essential Oil Car Diffuser

NOTE:  Essential Oil NOT included.

316L Stainless steel essential oil Car Diffuser is a great way to take your favorite aromatherapy on the go, and add a little bling to your car.   No longer fret that your diffuser is at the house and you have to be on the road.   Energize yourself during a long road-trip, after a long day at work or freshen your car after a workout at the gym.

Open the diffuser lid, insert one diffuser pad, add 2 or 3 drops of your favorite essential oil ( does not take make.  Essential Oils are highly concentrated and a little goes a long ways ), Close the lid and Clip the diffuser to the vent.  There are holes in the back and front of the diffuser to allow air to pass from the vent through the diffuser pad into the car. 

Comes with two diffuser pads that allow you to change to a different fragrance. 

Use only one diffuser pad at a time.  When you want to change a fragrance, remove the pad and place in a small plastic bag to be used at a later time with the same fragrance.  Or, you can gently wash the pad and let dry thoroughly.


Size:  30mm

Material:  316L Stainless Steel  ( will not corrode or rust )

Diffuser Pads:  2 ( colors will vary )

Your diffuser will arrive in an organza jewelry bag with 2 pads.

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