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Sunflower Diffuser Necklace 

NOTE:  Essential Oil  NOT  included.

NOTE:  Pads do NOT have oil on them.

Our 30mm lockets and made of 316L stainless steel.  Hinged at the side to easily open the locket and has a strong magnetic closure. 

Once open, insert one ( 1 ) felt diffuser pad into the pendant.  Apply two or three drops of essential oil to the pad ( essential oil is highly concentrated so it does not take much – a little goes a long ways ).

DISCLAIMER:  Before using essential oils be sure to check for allergies or seizures.  Some fragrances will trigger an allergy attack or seizure.


Locket  ( 316L Stainless Steel )

Locket Size:  30mm 

18” Sterling Silver Chain

Felt Pads:  3

Diffuser Pads:  Use only 1 felt diffuser pad at a time.  Use the remaining pads for when you want to change your fragrance.

Changing Fragrance:  When you change a fragrance, remove the diffuser pad and enclose it in a small plastic bag to use with the same fragrance at a later time. 

Care For Your Locket:  Gently wipe the inside of the necklace with alcohol.  Allow the inside of the necklace to dry thoroughly and then insert a new diffuser pad with a different oil.

Perfume Sensitivity:  Another nice feature of the diffuser necklaces is for those who cannot wear perfume directly on the skin.  Now you can enjoy wearing your favorite perfume by placing a few drops of perfume on the felt diffuser pad and wearing your necklace.

Need A Gift:  Your necklace will arrive gift boxed, and all you’ll need to do is add your special gift wrapping touch and the gift is ready to be presented!


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