Spa Music


Spa Music

Now you can have a Spa Day right in your home with Spa music to soothe your mind, body and soul. 

Style 6 Tracks  - A selection of four CDs from which to choose.

RELAX – Let your new mantra be “relax and let go.”  Immerse yourself in fresh keyboard soundscapes of harp, strings and piano for total therapeutic ambiance.

REFRESH – Center yourself around all things wonderful with beautiful music  to refresh your inner being.  Enjoy choir harmony with piano, flute and strings for an awakening of your feminine spirit.

REJUVENATE – Celebrate inner  calm while all your senses are nourished with soothing keyboard blends of stings, piano and percussion.  Listen, Feel, Release.  Healing is about to begin for complete rejuvenation of your inner self.

INVIGORATE - Energize and invigorate yourself  with exquisitely beautiful keyboard soundscapes of harp, bass, strings and percussion.  Celebrate life as a new you emerges.