Wind Spinners

Just getting started with the listings . . . more to come.  Check back often to see additional designs. 

Create a Beautiful Patio & Garden environment: Stainless Steel Wind Spinners are proudly made in the U.S.A.  

 They are constructed of 18-guage Stainless steel with baked on powder coating to protect against the outdoor elements.  Powder coating is like armor for the spinners to prevent rusting. 

Printed with a Corned Based Ink which is also made in the U.S.A. This means the company has gone Green in their process of printing. 

Originally designed to be hung outside and turn by a gentle breeze, but can also be hung indoors.  If hung indoors or anywhere there’s no air movement (and you want it to turn) it will need to be placed on an indoor motor. 

If you think you’ll get inpatient for the breeze to turn your spinner, we sell a solar motor that will turn the spinner during the day while the sun is out and when there’s a breeze in the evening the spinner will then turn by the wind.


  1.   Classic
  2.   Designer
  3.   Collegiate
  4.   Terry Redlin Signature Series
  5.   Small Wind Spinners